Located in Arles,Wellspring nestles in a valley, astride a river known as the Kilarn River and between two arms of the Kadagast Mountains. The town’s folk are farmers and fishers. Cultivated farmland surrounds the community. Less than two miles away is Kord’s Tankard, a deep lake fed by runoff from the mountains. A Nerathi road winds down from a northern pass, heading south and splitting into a westward arm. Paved with cut stone, the roads still see caravans from the north. The most common travelers, though, are pilgrims devoted to the deity Ioun and her saint, Estered. Each year brings another band of devout to the town’s center square. They pay their respects under an ancient statue of Estered, a saint and prophet of Ioun.

Places of Interest:

Estered’s Square Paved in cobblestones and dominated by the worn statue of Estered’s robed form, the square is the center of the town’s activity. When not playing host to a festival, it functions as a market. Wellspring’s major businesses ring the square, and traders set up stalls in the area.

Mindspire-Temple of Ioun Resident: Father Montbunk Multicolored pieces of glass in a rainbow of colors peek out from the mortar so when the sun hits it, the temple sparkles. Two massive brass doors serve as its only entrance, and inside is a massive amphitheater around a central pit where a worn altar stands.

Castle Criswell Rivaling the old temple of Ioun, Castle Criswell stands on a sharp rise overlooking the southern branch of the Chill. A fifty-foot tower dominates the castle, and the colors of Lord Criswell fly from its conical roof. His standard depicts a rearing brown bear flanked by two downward-pointing swords.


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