Long live the Queen

Adventure Trek 2: The Wrath of Err

Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve had an entry, but I assure you all that there was a good reason.

You see, Err kinda flipped out.

In six seconds, he managed to attack an advancing chain devil. Twice. His chainy opponent clanked to the ground, but Err continued swinging. The strength behind his blows actually flung our hapsome barbarian across the room, the momentum continuing on to strike the other chain devil some 30 feet away.

Legato (Bardic Wunderkind), chuckled behind his Legendmaker Armor and, with a resounding chord, sang, “Do it again!”

The scene was one of pure devastation, and in the aftermath it was found that one of the casualties was the magical glowing box that is used to record our adventures.

We sent a repair invoice to Err’s previous tribe, but all we’ve received in return so far is a badger fur cloak.

Extended Rest

Our Intrepid Heroes decide to take an extended rest.

A very extended rest, apparently. But they’ll be back.

The Return of Mathos
Ambiguously Gay Carpets

After a short encounter with a non-hostile halfling ranger (During which arose a heated debate over the pros and cons of taking the halfling’s shoes), our heroes came upon the final challenge to be offered by the Forgotten Tower: A Pink Carpet!

Well, to be fair, there were a couple of destrachan and the BBEG too. But mainly, a pink carpet.

Pink Carpet Lore (Dungeoneering, DC 25): The Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens was originally a mundane red carpet, gifted to the Temple of Ioun by a pious monarch. Years spent in close proximity to the Tear of Ioun, however, gifted the carpet with a limited sentience. Over the years, improper carpet care and maintenance caused the carpet to fade from brilliant red to a sickly pink color. The Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens has developed a severe hatred for mortals; especially adventurers, as they have a tenancy to track mud about. Legend says the Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens has the power to set it’s foes aflame, as well as cause sexual confusion in any who stand upon it for too long. It also has a knack for design, and spends it’s spare moments matching drapes with throw pillows for illustrious otherworldly clientele.

This session also marked the return of Mathos, Magic User Extraordinaire. Thorfin, however, has disappeared for reasons as of yet unknown. One could assume that the goodly dwarven cleric simply did not want to be associated with Mathos, whose character sheet lists his alignment as “Chaotically Chaotic and Chaosy.” Or should.

Beholders and Bag Ladies
beholder bag lady taco bell's new cheesy bacon potato burrito

Venturing further into the ruined tower, our intrepid heroes come across a maddened woman, babbling to herself in a locked cell. After trying unsuccessfully to steal her worthless staff, our heroes were met with a surprise – Apparently, an insane and mentally damaged woman is still trustworthy enough to be given command of a free-range beholder!

After an intense battle, (during which Legato took the full brunt of the beholders multiple eye stalk attacks, and the beholder used an action point to send the bard screaming like a little girl after all the characters ducked under full concealment on their turn…Thanks, guys) the beholder laid slain; as deflated as a Vulcan Blow-up Wanda after pon-far.

But our heroes struggled with a moral dilemma – what to do with the mad Eladrin woman? Would it be right to end the life of such a pitiable creature? So it was decided that they would do the most humane thing possible – we tied a backpack over her head to prevent her from using fey step, hog-tied her, and left her alone in a room for a few days.

I’m sure she’s fine.

Get back in the Hole!
Fun with Holes

While exploring the ruins of the forlorn tower, the party was beset by a group of enemies, one of which was a many tentacled slime which climbed from a dark pit. So what’s an Adventurer to do?

We threw them all back in the hole.

Out they came, (having suffered some falling damage) teeth knashing, eyes blazing, howling for our blood…

So we pushed them in the hole again.

This went on for some time, until Err II, proud barbarian warrior, grew tired of the shenanigans of the rest of the party.

And promptly threw himself in the hole.

The enemies fell soon after.

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