Priestess of Ioun visiting Wellspring for a pilgrimage


Occupation: Deirdre has served Ioun nearly all her life. Having come to the faith as a young girl, she rose from initiate to priestess before she turned eighteen. She is charged with overseeing the recovery of lost relics of the faith.

Description: A statuesque woman in her late twenties, she has long brown hair, green eyes, and striking features. She wears the vestments of her faith: blue robes and a symbol of Ioun worked in clear crystal and silver. Deirdre is businesslike in her dealings and sees little use in wasting time. Nevertheless, she is friendly enough, if a little unsettling in her earnestness.

Values and Motivations: Deirdre came to Wellspring to recover the Tear of Ioun for her church. At first, she believed the legends about the stone were inflated, but she has come to realize that it is tainted. This revelation has done nothing to dampen her ambition. Deirdre’s now approaches the task with more zeal. She believes only her church, and perhaps she, can remove the stone’s corruption. She hides her ambition behind concern for Wellspring. Deirdre asked the adventurers to go to the Forlorn Tower to look for the Tear of Ioun. She wants to reclaim it if possible for her goddess. She also took them to Criswell Castle and introduced the party to Lord Criswell.


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