Constable Lem Harras


Constable Lem Harras is a simple man with simpler interests. He’s competent enough in his job, as long as it involves jailing thieves and settling the occasional bar-brawl.

Occupation: Lem Harras has worked his way up through the ranks of Wellspring watch since he enlisted thirteen years ago. He attained the post of constable because he was the only one who wanted the thankless job of enforcing Lord Criswell’s laws.

Description: Tall, thickset, and sporting a bristling black mustache, Harras is a plain human male. He wears a chain shirt beneath a heavy blue cloak. His steel brooch—a roaring bear—serves as his badge of office. Armed with a longsword and club, he looks like he can hold his own in a fight.

Values and Motivations: Lem, a good man, protects Wellspring because someone has to ensure the peace. He loves this town, and he would lay down his life to protect it.

Constable Lem Harras

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