Long live the Queen

The Return of Mathos

Ambiguously Gay Carpets

After a short encounter with a non-hostile halfling ranger (During which arose a heated debate over the pros and cons of taking the halfling’s shoes), our heroes came upon the final challenge to be offered by the Forgotten Tower: A Pink Carpet!

Well, to be fair, there were a couple of destrachan and the BBEG too. But mainly, a pink carpet.

Pink Carpet Lore (Dungeoneering, DC 25): The Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens was originally a mundane red carpet, gifted to the Temple of Ioun by a pious monarch. Years spent in close proximity to the Tear of Ioun, however, gifted the carpet with a limited sentience. Over the years, improper carpet care and maintenance caused the carpet to fade from brilliant red to a sickly pink color. The Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens has developed a severe hatred for mortals; especially adventurers, as they have a tenancy to track mud about. Legend says the Horrid Pink Carpet of Flaming Queens has the power to set it’s foes aflame, as well as cause sexual confusion in any who stand upon it for too long. It also has a knack for design, and spends it’s spare moments matching drapes with throw pillows for illustrious otherworldly clientele.

This session also marked the return of Mathos, Magic User Extraordinaire. Thorfin, however, has disappeared for reasons as of yet unknown. One could assume that the goodly dwarven cleric simply did not want to be associated with Mathos, whose character sheet lists his alignment as “Chaotically Chaotic and Chaosy.” Or should.


Yep, I had to edit this post about a billion jillion times. The first time I wrote it, I noticed a typo; I had entered “who’s” instead of “whose” when describing Mathos’s character sheet. I couldn’t let this stand, so I went to edit the post, and while it was updating my connection dropped. Somehow, this caused the entire post, minus the first three or four words. So I had to re-write the entire bloody thing.

The Return of Mathos

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