Long live the Queen

Beholders and Bag Ladies

beholder bag lady taco bell's new cheesy bacon potato burrito

Venturing further into the ruined tower, our intrepid heroes come across a maddened woman, babbling to herself in a locked cell. After trying unsuccessfully to steal her worthless staff, our heroes were met with a surprise – Apparently, an insane and mentally damaged woman is still trustworthy enough to be given command of a free-range beholder!

After an intense battle, (during which Legato took the full brunt of the beholders multiple eye stalk attacks, and the beholder used an action point to send the bard screaming like a little girl after all the characters ducked under full concealment on their turn…Thanks, guys) the beholder laid slain; as deflated as a Vulcan Blow-up Wanda after pon-far.

But our heroes struggled with a moral dilemma – what to do with the mad Eladrin woman? Would it be right to end the life of such a pitiable creature? So it was decided that they would do the most humane thing possible – we tied a backpack over her head to prevent her from using fey step, hog-tied her, and left her alone in a room for a few days.

I’m sure she’s fine.


Yeah, I figured that if no one else was going to be writing the adventure log, the responsibility falls to the group Bard.

Beholders and Bag Ladies

Well if it makes you feel any better, I just read this and laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose.

Beholders and Bag Ladies

We won’t forget her. Unless you guys did while I was gone for two weeks.

Beholders and Bag Ladies

We didn’t forget her; we returned her to the Temple in the city for healing, and they let her escape. Bloody inept Paladins…

Oh, well. We still got XP for it.

Beholders and Bag Ladies

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