Long live the Queen

Adventure Trek 2: The Wrath of Err

Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve had an entry, but I assure you all that there was a good reason.

You see, Err kinda flipped out.

In six seconds, he managed to attack an advancing chain devil. Twice. His chainy opponent clanked to the ground, but Err continued swinging. The strength behind his blows actually flung our hapsome barbarian across the room, the momentum continuing on to strike the other chain devil some 30 feet away.

Legato (Bardic Wunderkind), chuckled behind his Legendmaker Armor and, with a resounding chord, sang, “Do it again!”

The scene was one of pure devastation, and in the aftermath it was found that one of the casualties was the magical glowing box that is used to record our adventures.

We sent a repair invoice to Err’s previous tribe, but all we’ve received in return so far is a badger fur cloak.



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